By Olivia Krauth-

Student groups that recently moved into the Student Services Annex now know their space is even more temporary than they thought.

The latest plan proposed by CFO/COO Harlan Sands for the SAC renovations includes tearing down the adjacent Student Services Annex. It was recently approved by the Board of Trustees.

The building provides a temporary home for some RSOs, including RaiseRED, Kappa Alpha Theta and Delta Upsilon.

Dean of Students Michael Mardis said these groups knew the space would be temporary for them.

According to Mardis, the building has been on U of L’s potential demolition list for a while due to only being one story.

The building currently houses Health Promotion offices and the PEACC Center. Directors of each say they had not been consulted about the plans.

Mardis said he had been in contact with Phillip Bressoud, the executive director of campus health, which oversees Health Promotion and PEACC. Sands said he and Bressoud may not have talked to everyone impacted.

Mardis said a transition group will be formed to help find new spaces for the affected groups and offices during the construction process.

Until earlier this semester, the building also housed the Counseling Center, which has now moved to Cardinal Station.