October 29, 2015

I can definitely ‘C’ why you wouldn’t eat at the Ville Grill

Looking for a quick meal on campus that won’t cost you much? Thinking about hitting up the pocket-friendly Ville Grill for a quick bite? You might want to think otherwise this time and grab something to eat at an establishment that knows how to keep above a ‘C’ average on their report card.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time the Ville Grill has gotten a ‘C’ from the Health Department. The buffet also received a ‘C’ rating in 2014 and 2012. Grossed out yet? I definitely am—but not just at the fact that they’ve received a ‘C’ rating. I’m grossed out at the fact that Sodexo places one of the most popular eating options for students at U of L at the bottom of their list of priorities.

It’s been reported that this year’s ‘C’ rating was given to the Ville Grill because of several reasons: unsatisfactory food storage, cloth and utensil sanitation, hand washing sink repairs and ineffective sneezing guards. Though the reasons may not be sinister enough for you to completely stop eating at the buffet, you should take into consideration how unprofessional this is for a cornerstone establishment that embodies the “convenience eating” mentality that so many of us students crave.

It’s a shame how the Ville Grill has created a reputation for itself as one of the worst places to eat on campus. Maybe if it didn’t mirror the likes of an average high school cafeteria, it would be able to attract students to eat there based on reasons other than sheer convenience. With the small exception of the occasional food trucks looming around U of L, it seems as if the amount of “quality” meal options are continuing to shrink more and more.

Although most recently the Ville Grill has upped their grade to an ‘A’, it’d be nice not to see a ‘C’ again in the future.

As many undergrads already know, it’s one thing to get the occasional C in a course. You may not like it, but hey it happens, right? But once you land that third C, there becomes an obligation to seek help elsewhere—maybe even a tutor. The problem with comparing the grades we as students make and the grades the Ville Grill makes, is that we’re not getting paid to serve people food. And unfortunately for the Ville Grill, they don’t have a REACH program to help them better their distasteful GPA.


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