For the start of the 2015-2016 school year, the University of Louisville is launching two new features in the CardSafe program to protect students.

These new features include The L Trail and the CardGuard App.

The L Trail is a brightly lit path, patrolled by University of Louisville police and marked with white signs with a red “L”, that runs from the middle of Belknap Campus to the Student Activities Center and to the Cardinal Towne area which is northwest of campus. Students can find a map on the CardSafe Website.

“The L Trail is one of the many projects that demonstrate SGA’s commitment to students needs.” says Service Vice-President of SGA, Kaylee Brandt.

CardGuard is an app students can download which enables them to call 911, by touching a button, and to report and record crimes anonymously. There is also a timer function which will alert the police and friends when a person does not reach their intended destination on time.

“I think it is great that U of L is focusing more on student safety,” says junior student Madeline West. “I walk back from campus late at night, so it is great to know that more is being done to keep students safe.

Although The L Trail and CardGuard are the newest initiatives, the CardSafe program is also made up of features including Uofl Alerts, the university’s Belknap and Health Sciences Campus shuttle, the Campus Escort Service, the Green Dot Bystander Campaign, and the national “If You See Something, Say Something” program.

“For the past few years SGA has made student safety a top priority,” continued Brandt. “The completion of a safe path to walk at night and a safety app serves as a visible reminder of what is possible when students come together and support a solution to a pressing issue.”

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