By Olivia Krauth —

Dean of Students Michael Mardis will be getting a new title for the upcoming school year: Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Dean of Students.

The change is just a two word change from his current full title – Dean of Students and Acting Vice President for Student Affairs – but it reflects a switch to focusing on just the academic side of student affairs.

“I’m still the chief student affairs officer,” Mardis explained, saying the switch comes as part of a new restructuring of U of L’s organization.

U of L’s Chief Finanical and Operating Officer Harlan Sands will now be in charge of the business side of student affairs. Some units, like housing, will have a dual report to Sands and Mardis. Mardis said the dual report is “not that dissimilar from the functional reality,” and that the title change will just put it on paper.