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Are student apartments secure?

By David Cecil and Raquel Wolter — 

Whether on or off campus, student safety is a constant concern at the university. Yet, over spring break, numerous crimes, including property damage, criminal mischief, harassment and robbery, occurred. According to ULPD crime logs, these crimes took place in surrounding off-campus appartments and affiliated housing.

This begs the question: Is student safety a priority within university-affiliated apartments?

It is difficult to imagine any of these complexes having issues after viewing security features. The Province alone has extensive security features, including surveillance cameras, two LMPD officers living on-site, and ULPD and Universal Protection Service officers making patrols. The semi-gated community is even being switched to a 24-hour gated community.

However, according to U of L crime logs, there were reports of property damage on their March 23 report.

Student opinions on the matter differ. Bry Roberts, a U of L junior, stated, “I haven’t had any problems, however I don’t think the gate has changed anything. I think the people who are responsible for the crime here are not people who live here, but people from in the surrounding area.”

Senior Carrie Ellis said, “I never felt unsafe and I appreciate that they answer any questions or requests I have.”

Ellis also said she believed resident negligence of locking vehicles and apartments was the cause behind crime in The Province.

Other affiliated housing told a similar story. The contact from the still-under-construction Clubhouse Maggie Linneman detailed their security features that will be included in their apartments. There will be 24-hour surveillance, controlled-access to the premise and a virtual doorman. JT Stinnett from The Retreat said they will have well-lit paths as well as LMPD security. They have also been meeeting with security companies for added surveillance.

Cardinal Towne leasing coordinator Danny Dieudonne said that nightly security with camera surveillance and controlled key access into the apartments aids in prevention measures. Though a comfort to those in the apartment, he made sure to add that, “these features are not necessarily a prevention to crime, but a deterrent.”

Bellamy Property Manager Craig Haughton was unable to give a report on the apartment complex’s security features and concerns for students, though was contacted numerous times throughout the past week to give a statement. Haughton was allegedly working with authorities Thursday evening after a body was found in The Bellamy’s parking garage.

Dean of Student’s Michael Mardis was able to give a full detail of The Bellamy’s security. He listed an alarm system for every apartment, patrols and surveillance by certified officers and on-site management housing. Mardis further stated, “University Housing has regular meetings with the affiliated complexes, and sometimes the university police will join in on those, so that’s how we maintain communication as far as safety is concerned with our affiliated properties.”

The Clubhouse is a non-affiliated property with the University of Louisville.

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  1. I think it’s definitely the campus’s responsibility to make the campus and the student housing safe! For the cost of tuition, there should be no problem with finding some funds to provide campus security. It’s an investment for everyone to keep people and property safe!

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