In the weeks leading up to spring break, Louisville has been slammed with winter weather, giving students, faculty and staff a total of five days off campus. In the midst of back-to-back snow storms, the University of Louisville Police Department has seen no significant increase in snow-related injuries or accidents.

Assistant Chief of Police, Kenneth Brown, reported only a few minor, non-injury accidents as a result of the snow. Class cancelations and office closures significantly lessened the risk of snow-related incidents on campus.

However, canceling class does not eliminate the possibility for accidents on campus. Even for walkers, there is a risk of accidental injury.

“Really pay attention where you are walking,” says Brown. “Any time you clear a side walk and there is still snow around, the snow can melt in the sun and freeze back over the sidewalks at night. So we need to watch for black ice and slick spots, even if the area is salted.”

For commuters, ULPD recommends using the Metro Louisville Public Work’s interactive map before their drive. This tool provides a color-coded map of Louisville anywhere within the boundaries of the Gene Snyder.

The colors correspond to weather conditions on Louisville roadways, noting whether the road is snowy, salted, plowed or in-progress.

Photo by Zade Nabi / The Louisville Cardinal