A 15-second Instagram video just won U of L’s Habitat for Humanity campus chapter $5,000.

In October, Barnes & Noble College launched the #BNCInstaBuild Video Challenge, where Habitat for Humanity campus chapters across the country had the opportunity to create an Instagram video about why their service is important to them. After a month-long voting and judging period, Barnes & Noble College selected U of L and Columbia University as winners.

“You only have 15 seconds to work with. So I put in a lot of half-second pictures and videos, and tried to give you a broad picture of everything our chapter does,” said Josh Saylor, member of the U of L’s Habitat for Humanity chapter and creator of the video.

On Thursday, the University of Louisville Barnes & Noble Bookstore presented the $5,000 check to members of the U of L Habitat for Humanity campus chapter.

Students will use the prize money to fund an alternative spring break trip to Florida. Joe Albrecht, vice president of the chapter, planned the trip.

“We will be taking fourteen people to the Lake Sumpter, Florida chapter, where we will be doing four days of service. It’s been really great to have the opportunity to fund this, allowing everyone to go for free.”

Students will depart on Saturday, March 14, and complete their service work between Tuesday to Friday of spring break.


Photos by Wade Morgen / The Louisville Cardinal