By T.C. Klusman–

Before a snowflake touched the ground in Louisville, the local schools and college campus shut down on Feb. 16.  It was dubbed “Snowmagedden ‘15” hours before the winter storm passed through the city. 

The storm did not disappoint.  The precipitation is still falling and already, as Matt Ness, an employee of The Avenue Church in Cardinal Towne, said, “We already have three Legomen worth of snow!”

The inches keep piling up as the snow plows struggle to keep the busy roads drivable. One student said driving from campus to Middletown took nearly two hours.

Walking around campus, it is apparent most of the snow clearing efforts are focused downtown and on the major highways.  The roads near campus are still covered in snow while the side roads like Bloom Street have not been touched by a plow.  As Coach Rick Pitino said in his ACC coaches teleconference call, “It’s pretty bad here in Louisville, Kentucky. The only way we get rid of snow is when the sun comes out.”

With the entire city basically shut down, how does a normal student spend his or her day?

Rachel Breit, nursing student, started her day off like she would any other: a quick workout.  When asked if she did do anything special on her day off, she replied, “My boyfriend and I did donuts in an empty parking lot, so that was fun.”  The rest of Breit’s day will consist of “homework and catching up on sleep.”

Louisville football player John Wallace was not able to have all the fun packed into Breit’s day.  Wallace recently had his wisdom teeth removed.  He had to wake up early and grab his prescription from the pharmacy. He then made a pit stop at the Schnellenberger Complex to “check in with the trainers” so they could see he is making progress recovering from his operation.  Sandwiches were delivered to the football team, but Wallace declined one so he could go back to his apartment and make spaghetti.  Hard foods are still a challenge for him three days after surgery. 

After an eventful morning, Wallace said the rest of his free day will consist of “video games and Netflix.”  What are his recommendations for students? If one wants to play video games he is a big fan of “Destiny” for the PlayStation4.  He said he will “probably watch “The Interview” on Netflix again. It’s really funny.”  Wallace was very happy about the snow day because attending class would have been difficult for him due to the pain. 

With many students apartment bound, it is apparent many just needed this snow day as a breather to make it to spring break.