December 3, 2014

How to decorate your dorm for the holidays

By Grace Flaherty–

Tiny dorms rarely have room for a full-sized Christmas tree or multiple holiday decorations, nor do college students always have the money to pay for expensive decor. Here are some options to spruce up a small space for the holidays.

The first Christmas decoration that won’t break the bank are coffee filter snowflakes. These cheap, white, thin, filters are already circular and very easy to cut. There are plenty of patterns you can find on the internet to make very intricate patterns or you can just wing it.

The second decoration on the list is also paper-themed – a Post-it note Christmas tree! You can choose any wall in your room, the back of the door, or even the ceiling if you would like, as long as the notes can stick, it will work. You can use a variety of greens or just one, in any size you would like. You can even add additions of ornaments with some of your more festive colored sticky notes.

The next decoration is for all to see – and be jealous of – on the front of your door. Turn your door into a giant present by wrapping it in Christmas wrapping paper and adding a large bow. You can choose any wrapping paper from snowflakes to penguins or even some reindeer, just make sure it’s something you won’t mind seeing every day.

The fourth decoration can also adorn the outside of your door or the inside whichever you would prefer, but either way it will be sure to put you in the spirit! This fantastic decoration is a Christmas sock wreath. It’s very easy to make, just buy a foam ring from your local craft store and cover it with cheap Christmas socks. Cut the toes off of all of your socks and just string them along the foam ring until you have the pattern you desire.

The final decoration will bring lots of light and life to your drab dorm – a hula hoop chandelier. It’s very simple to make. Buy a hula hoop and wrap either icicle or normal string lights around it. Whether you choose white or multicolor, this decoration is sure to wow all of your friends, and may even stay up through the rest of the year.

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