By Emily Curtsinger–

After many conversations with my girlfriends about past presents, it’s pretty clear that some guys need a little help in the shopping department. But no fear, boyfriends, I have talked to girls all around campus and compiled a list of gifts that will be perfect for your special lady this holiday season.

10. Pandora bracelet and or charm

The great thing about these bracelets is that they can be customized by choosing from various charms. If your girlfriend already has a Pandora bracelet, might I suggest getting a charm that represents your relationship, or even a simple heart or a birth stone. 

9. Nike tennis shoes

I was a little surprised to get this answer from so many girls, but it seems like everyone likes a new pair of tennis shoes. Some of the most asked for styles were the Nike Roshe Runs and the Nike Frees. Just make sure you have her correct shoe size!

8. Michael Kors watch

Although a little pricey, you’re guaranteed to make your special lady happy with one of these watches. They will look perfect with any holiday outfit.

7. J. Crew scarf

You can never go wrong with giving a warm and cozy scarf as a gift. J. Crew offers different prints, plaids, colors and even cashmere scarves that come at reasonable prices as well.

6. Naked eyeshadow palette

These eyeshadow palettes were among some of the top beauty products of 2014. With three to choose from, Naked, Naked 2 and Naked 3, and each with different colors that compliment every skin type, you can’t go wrong picking any of them.

5. Kate Spade wallet

This is a gift that is guaranteed to last a long time. Kate Spade wallets not only come in fun prints and colors, but they are also made with top quality materials. 

4. L’Occitane body care gift set

These sets are perfect for any girl who needs to pamper herself. They are available at, and come in great Holiday gift sets including Almond Enchantment, Shea Embrace and The Best of L’Occitane.

3.  Monogram necklace

These necklaces are one of the biggest trends among girls right now. You can order them from various websites and sellers on Make sure you know her full name before ordering. 

2. Concert tickets

This is a great gift to give where you and your girlfriend can have a great time. Just pick an artist that you both like and have a fun night together.

1. Perfume or cologne

It’s one of the easiest gifts that you can give, and it was definitely the most asked for gift by girls I interviewed at U of L. Just find out what perfume she wears and buy another bottle. It’s not only convenient for you, but it is also a heartfelt gift.