Sigmapalooza, one of the largest Greek events of the year, packed the Mercury Ballroom on 4th Street on October 22. People wore the event appropriate denim, flannel, boots, and even the occasional cowboy hat. Sigma Chi hosted the event–an event for fun, dancing and listening to live country bands. But, like many Greek events, this also had a charitable aspect to it. All proceeds leftover after paying the rental fees and the musicians went to raiseRED, an 18-hour dance marathon fundraiser here on campus benefiting pediatric healthcare.

The people inside the Ballroom seemed to be having a great time, dancing, chatting with friends and singing along to the country music. Not everyone attended just to hear music. though. Many came for the charity aspect of the event. Lauren Tallio, a sophomore Chi Omega, said she came to hang out with friends and give to a good cause, but not necessarily because she loved the music that would be playing that night. Sophomore Sigma Chi, Nathan Alexander, came for the same reason.

“I just wanted to have fun and donate to raiseRED,” Alexander said.

Both Alexander and Tallio are not only doing good deeds by going to Sigmapalooza, but through their respective fraternity/sorority, the two are helping people in other ways. Tallio is volunteering at Chi Omega’s Chili Cook-Off, which will raise thousands for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. She also highly involved in Louisville Speed School, being a senator, grading Calculus tests and working with American Society for Civil Engineers.

“Without the support of my sorority, there is no way I could balance all of the things I do, and still keep up with school and Greek life.” Tallio said.

Alexander is a part of Engineers Without Borders, and started “The Giving Tree,” with the help of Sigma Chi. The Giving Tree is an RSO that donates Christmas gifts to less fortunate children in Louisville.

Sigmapalooza has so far raised a little over $1500 and counting for raiseRED, with more donations piling into Sigma Chi everyday.