August 12, 2014

#CardmailProbs: An end in sight?

The UofL IT department announced today that it “is in the final stages of testing a solution to restore reliable and predictable email service to the university.”

The solution will incorporate Exchange Online Protection, the Microsoft Service that has IT has been trying to implement since the problems began in June. The service protects against spam and malware. The solution is slated to occur at 8 p.m. on Friday.

Many of the changes that IT expects to occur as a result of the solution do not affect students, but one may. IT believes that Cardmail users will experience a temporary increase in spam. This increase may be solvable by creating custom spam filters.

A recap of the errors so far is below:

June 10: Emails from external sources to faculty and staff may not have reached their intended targets
June 24: Students, faculty and staff experienced delivery delays for several hours
July 9: Emails automatically forwarded from Cardmail accounts to external accounts were rejected as undeliverable
Aug. 8: An accidental settings change causes replies to emails to go undelivered

As always, those experiencing problems or who have questions about the failure are encouraged to contact the HelpDesk 852-7997 or [email protected]


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