May 21, 2014

How old is U of L?

By Lubna Hindi —

If you ever thought your professors were ancient, you will not believe the age of some of the buildings on campus. Currently standing U of L Belknap campus buildings span 141 years.

The youngest and newest building on campus is the Student Recreation Center, which opened in Oct. 2013. Students can work out, play intramural sports, take fitness classes and even take naps.

Opposing the SRC, Gardiner Hall reigns as the oldest building on campus, being built in 1872.  It used to house the U of L bookstore, a student lounge, Bursar’s Office and the student newspaper office. Now, Gardiner Hall is used for Arts and Sciences Advising Center and Arts and Sciences Dean’s Offices. Still, for being the oldest known building on campus, it is not looking too bad.

The majority of buildings on campus where built somewhere around the 1960s or after, but there are a few that predate the 20th century. Gardiner Hall (1872), Gottschalk Hall (1894), Jouett Hall (1886), Oppenheimer Hall (1885), Patterson Hall (1898) and the Playhouse (1873) were all built before 1900, but all but Oppenheimer have been remodeled.

If you are interested in learning more about the buildings on campus, check out the University of Louisville Images in the Digital Collections. For a list of all the buildings on campus and their construction dates, read below.

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