Mon. Jan 21st, 2019

Student group hosts Islamic Awareness Week

By Jacob Pleas–

Last week,  the U of L Muslim Student Association (MSA) celebrated Islamic Awareness Week. The group hosted events designed to educate campus about Islam.

“Many religion classes teach about Islam, but teachers and students of those classes would like to see Islam beyond just studying the religion,” said Obieda Atiyani, president of MSA.  “MSA brings Muslims and non-Muslims together to learn about the religion of Islam and clear up some misconceptions about the religion.”

The week started with Fast-A-Thon. All members of the campus were invited to try fasting from sunrise to sunset.  The fast was then broken as a group with a Mediterranean meal.  Dr. Kia Jahed discussed the fourth pillar of Islam, fasting, at the event.

Additional events in the week included a converts panel, a lecture on women in Islam and a lecture on the prophetic character. Friday prayer rounded out the week.

“I had a history teacher along with her class attend our Friday prayer service during Islamic awareness week,” said Atiyani. “They were very happy to observe Muslims practicing the prayer and also asking questions about the religion.”


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