Sun. Jan 20th, 2019

Documentary sparks conversation about industrial hemp

By Lubna Hindi–

A screening of the pro-hemp documentary “Bringing It Home” allowed campus to discuss the legalization of industrial hemp and its potential impacts.

Linda Booker, director and producer of the documentary, attending the screening on March 25 to talk about her work.

After reading a news story about Anthony Brenner, a father whose daughter was born with a genetic disorder that caused seizures from chemical exposure, Linda Booker and friend Blaire Johnson were inspired to explore the versatility of hemp and create a documentary.

“This was going to be a film that we wanted to really reach into communities, get it to farmers, builders, consumers, and legislators, the policy makers.” Said Booker. “Hemp offers so much in the way of being able to create thousands of sustainable and environmentally friendly products.”

In the documentary, Booker presented the uses of hemp. Some uses included fabric and clothes, building supplies for toxin-free homes, even a topping for things like yogurt and ice cream.

“The film was extremely insightful into the multiple uses and benefits, both environmental and economical.” said junior finance major Daniel King. “I had already been a strong advocate for the legalization of industrial hemp, the documentary simply reaffirmed this stance.”

Many states throughout the U.S. have already proposed the legalization of hemp, Kentucky being one of them. Many argue that legalizing hemp will create jobs and provide farmers with a product that is versatile.

Industrial hemp is currently legal in Kentucky, and state Commissioner of Agriculture James Comer believes farmers are preparing their fields for the first season for industrial hemp. State legislature is currently working on regulations for growing the plant.

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