By: Ashley Logsdon

Like many families who celebrate Christmas, the lights on the front of my house, the Christmas tree, and all of the other decorations are pulled out of my attic on the day after Thanksgiving.  After my mom, my sister, and I have successfully completed 3 rounds of Black Friday shopping we help decorate for the next holiday.  It is a quick turnaround from one holiday to the next but we aren’t the only ones who switch over this quickly.

While shoppers were saving on all of the Black Friday deals, workers were down town on Fourth Street getting ready for the next holiday as well. The day after Thanksgiving, November 29th marked the 33rd annual Light-Up Louisville and the beginning of 40 Nights of Lights. Santa Claus and the LG&E mascot helped light the tree between Fourth and Main streets in front of the Galt House Hotel as well as the lights that travel down Fourth and end at Fourth and Liberty.

40 Nights of Lights is a light display that is held nightly from 7-10 pm along Fourth Street between November 29th and January 1st. There is a light show in the Aegon Plaza every hour. On Friday and Saturday there is an additional show at 11pm.

Many patrons to the event did not know that it was taking place but was instead drawn in by the lights.  Everyone who I stopped to ask said they were really glad they took the time to see the show. Many commented that they would be coming back and telling their family members about the display.

Kelly Walker, a citizen of Louisville, was walking down Fourth Street when she decided to stop and watch the light show.  She appreciates that the city has this event except for the money aspect of it.  She does stated that she would not want her tax dollars used to fund the event.

Jon Lee Cope, a writer for Louisville Magazine, was driving by Monday night when he stopped to see the display. He did not know that the exhibition was taking place but wanted to see the show. He has been to previous displays like this before but never the one on Fourth Street and he was not aware that they hosted such a big display.

“It was marvelous,” stated Cope, “It is a wonderful thing that the city does.” Unlike Walker, he likes that the city spends money to host this event.

Many families were out on the chilly Monday evening and the kids seemed to have a spectacular time running through the grass in the middle of the plaza during the light show.  They were couples dancing to the beat of the music and tourists asking to have their photos taken.

If you are looking to do something different this winter I suggest heading down to Fourth Street Live! to go Ice Skating and then see the light show after.  There are no words I can use to describe it, but “marvelous” is a good place to start.