By: Noah Allison

Q: After fall camp, a long off-season and a BCS Bowl victory, how did it feel to finally

get out there and just get to tackle somebody?

A: It was fun going through our camp getting to hit guys like Dyer and Dom Brown is

fun but you get tired of doing that, so it was good to hit something green today.

Q: Last year U of L led the nation with five games being decided by five points or

less, what is the defenses stance on keeping games from getting close at the end like

last year?

A: Well last year we just got a little comfortable when we had the lead, thinking ‘Ok,

we have the game,’ and we would chill out a little bit and give up leads. But now we

know that we really have to put our foot in the door and cancel out any chance of the

opponent coming back. We did that today and it was great to see it.

Q: Here you are finding yourself the senior leader of this defense, what are your

thoughts about your growth as a player?

A: I’ve grown a lot since getting here my freshman year, I didn’t always know what

was going on but as you grow up in this program with the great coaches we have

you really have no choice but to get better. They do an outstanding job coaching us

so it’s been a lot of fun playing here.

Q: What are the expectations for you and your defense this year?

A: To have a top ten or a top five ranked defense, its fun going out and showing the

world that we can play Defense at Louisville too.

Q: Last year U of L didn’t get a defensive touchdown until Terral Flloyd’s opening

pic-six of the season, is the defense going to improve as a scoring defense this year?

A: I think we have a lot of guys who can get after the ball and force a lot of turnovers,

we only had one today but we had multiple chances at forcing turnovers. They are

going to start coming, we will continue to get better and we will start getting those

turnovers we should be.

Q: Are you confident that the guys up front and the blitz packages will lead to a lot of

Louisvile sacks this season?

A: We have a lot of confidence in our ability to rush the passer because the defensive

backs play tight coverage so the quarterback has to hold the ball. And the five guys

we’ve got up front we know are going to get home. We always have fun rushing the

quarterback so we will see how well we do this year.