April 10, 2013

In the news: What you missed while you were in class

Acclaimed critic, Robert Ebert, passed away this week after a long battle with health.

By Maggie Cunningham-

Acclaimed critic, Robert Ebert, passed away this week after a long battle with health.

Legendary film critic Roger Ebert passes away at 70

After a decade long health battle, including several bouts of cancer, Roger Ebert, an acclaimed film critic for the Chicago Sun-Times, passed away this week. Ebert wrote for the paper for 46 years and was well known for his opinionated and critical reviews. Ebert was also added to the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2005 and won a Pullitzer in 1975 for his work. Shortly after his Pullitzer win, he starred alongside Gene Siskel in a television show making the “thumbs up, thumbs down” gesture commonplace across the country.


Industrial hemp bill passes through Gov. Beshear

A week after legislation brought an industrial hemp bill through, Governor Steve Beshear has permitted the industrial production of hemp in the state of Kentucky. Beshear didn’t sign the bill, but didn’t veto it either, meaning that the bill is passed. Hemp can be used clothing and fuel and was once a valued crop in the state. The next battle for legislation will require the supporters to take on Washington in order to break down any federal barriers to the plants growth.


Soldier charged in murder of employee at Fort Knox

Marquinta Jacobs, a soldier stationed at Fort Knox, was apprehended at his mothers home in Portland, Tenn. after he fled the scene of the crime on Wednesday afternoon. Witnesses account that after a verbal altercation in a parking lot, the soldier opened fire on the civilian employee at fired mulitple times.  At least eight shell casings were found at the scene. Sources say that it seems to be an domestic issue and not a random act. A day after the shooting occurred, he was apprehended, and charged with the murder of the unnamed victim, who worked as a civilian employee of the command, handling personnel actions for the soldiers on site.

Rutgers coach and athletic director resign after abusive videos go viral

Tapes of Rutgers men’s basketball coach, Mike Rice, physically and verbally abusing his team in practice were first brought to the athletic director, Tim Pernetti’s attention several months ago. The tape shows Rice over the course of three years in practices grabbing players, throwing basketballs at them and calling them derogatory names. Instead of following his original instinct to fire him, he suspended Rice for three games, fined him and sent him to anger management classes. Rice apologized to current and former players publicly. The video has finally made its way to the internet, and both Rice and Pernetti have mutually agreed with the university to resign.

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