January 5, 2013

U of L students arrive at a mold-free Miller Hall


By Rae Hodge —

University of Louisville students are trickling back into Miller Hall today after the university’s months-long battle with mold in the dorm. About 25 of the expected 162 residents have arrived with boxes and parents in tow. They’re being greeted by pizza boxes and refreshments in the lobby, along with U of L’s housing coordinators and communications team.

“We’ll probably gain a few more students,” said director of housing, Shannon Staten. “The entire building has been cleaned. We can still take more students, and right now we have openings so they still have the option of a single or double room.”

Miller has 280 beds, all of which have been replaced. After stripping, clean-up and building-wide central air unit replacements, the rooms were all fitted with new desks and drawers. The carpets have also been cleaned by mold specialists National Environmental Contracting, Inc.

Staten also said that all central heating and air units in Threlkheld Hall were replaced over the holiday break. The communications team will be available through the weekend to speak with parents and students as they arrive.

Wardrobes have been sanded and stripped, and have had their doors removed


Staten said that the new desks and furniture will make the students feel more welcome as they arrive back to Miller Hall


The new beds can be raised, lowered, and bunked on top of each other.



All central air and heating units have been replaced and their borders re-caulked to prevent moisture build up.













Photos by Rae Hodge

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