November 20, 2012

U of L works to clear Miller of mold while other dorms deal with various levels of the problem

The front of Miller Hall has been blocked off as the mold is exterminated inside.

By Tyler Mercer and Genevieve Mills–

The front of Miller Hall has been blocked off as the mold is exterminated inside.

A month has passed since freshmen students here at the University of Louisville were informed that their dorm rooms were infested with mold. All of these students have since been relocated. Now for the question everyone is thinking: Is this is the end of the mold talk or are we in for a long haul?

The Louisville Cardinal received an anonymous tip that the residence halls known as The Complex (Wellness Hall, Center Hall, West Hall) might have a mold problem comparable to that of Threlkeld Hall.

In Threlkeld, mold was found in the air vents. The air heating fans were turned off and the Honors dorm will be seeing the replacement of air conditioning units in the near future because of the mold discovery there, but students will not be expected to move from their rooms.

According Shannon Staten, Director of Residence Administration, “In the middle of October, after mold was found in Threlkeld Hall, a third party contractor [National Environmental Services Inc.] was hired by the university of Louisville to examine the air quality of other buildings such as The Complex. “  While our source said that the mold level at the Complex was similar to that at Threlkeld, Staten stated that the situation was considered “habitable” and that experts said there was no cause for alarm and that no further action needed to be taken at the Complex.

The renovation of Miller Hall is noticable to anyone walking past it on campus who looks up.

Said Staten “In Center, we had a handful of rooms that the readings were little high, so we turned their fans off and sure enough they went right back down so part of what we’re doing is we’re cleaning and we’re replacing units in Threlkeld and in the Complex area as well, and what we’re trying out now to figure out the schedule and what we’re going to do.”

When she was asked about the reports made by National Environmental Services, she said that they couldn’t be released, due to the fact that they are not “interpretable.”

The situation in Threlkeld and the possible situation in the Complex is no where near as bad as the mold in Miller. Said Staten of mold in other dorms, ““We knew that we had some. There’s always mold. Mold is present everywhere. So our goal would be to have it the same level, as it would be anywhere else.”

When asked about mold possibly making its way to her dorm Richelle Henderson, freshman Elementary Education major, said, “I’m not worried about it.”

Staten also told The Cardinal that the University is anticipating spending anywhere from 3 to 3.5 million dollars on mold cleanup. The Safety of students is still the greatest priority for administration. Miller Hall will be back to livable conditions by January. Students will be able to move back into Miller Hall on January 5th of 2013.

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Photos by Andrew Nathan/The Louisville Cardinal 



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