October 11, 2012

Mold Update: students in residence hall being relocated

Dean Mardis addressing the media on the evacuation of Miller Hall because of mold growth.

By Tyler Mercer–

At a media address on Oct. 10, Phillip Bressoud, Director of Campus Health Services, assured the public that there was no immediate health risk to those students living in Miller Hall. At the time of the address, there were no indications of any new found health issues caused by the mold.

The University of Louisville is treating the mold problem case-by-case. There have been “isolated, less severe cases” reported. Shannon Staten, Director of Residence Administration, said that other residence halls are being inspected as well.

In the way of cost, total cost to the university is still unknown. That cost will include moving contractors for the students, any additional costs for housing the student plus the cleanup cost for Miller Hall. Staten assured that the students affected would not be required to pay any additional fee due to moving or new housing arrangements.

Dean Mardis confirmed that U of L will be partnering with National Environmental Contracting Inc. to clean up the mold.

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Photos: Tyler Mercer/The Louisville Cardinal

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