October 4, 2011

Chris Pratt hits a homerun in ‘Moneyball’

By Ben Nance–

Being cast in a critically acclaimed Hollywood drama as well as one of the hottest comedy series on TV is no minor accomplishment. Chris Pratt, an actor whom you might know as goofball Andy Dwyer on the show, “Parks and Recreation,” has been gaining attention for his big-screen role in “Moneyball.” In the film, he portrays a real-life baseball player who played for the Oakland Athletics during the team’s historic 20-game winning streak. Recently, The Louisville Cardinal took part in a conference call where Pratt was asked about his “Moneyball” experience, as well as the differences between shooting a television show and shooting a movie.

“There’s a slower pace to moviemaking,” he said. “It’s really run and gun on TV.” Pratt also talked about ways in which he related to his “Moneyball” character Scott Hatteberg, a catcher who had to adjust to the unfamiliar position of first base. “One of the things that he and I actually had in common, and one of the reasons I could relate, is that all through Little League, I played catcher. It was never my natural instinct to field ground balls or play the infield.” He also compared Hatteberg’s adjustment to the challenge of approaching a project more serious and grounded than “Parks and Recreation.”

“I definitely related to that, not only in just my having been catcher and needing to learn how to play infield, but in having done primarily comedy and trying to do something a little bit different and dramatic,” he said.

Apart from describing his experience of acting in a dramatic role, Pratt also kept it light by telling the story of how his prankster costar Brad Pitt sabotaged Jonah Hill’s on-set golf cart. “The entire thing was decorated in pink cellophane,” he laughed. “He rigged the speaker so every time he played it, that Wham! song, – “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go”-that would play in a loop. So he basically made the Wham!-mobile.”

During the interview, Pratt gave very funny and intelligent answers, expressing his comedic side as well as his serious side. Both sides can be seen in “Moneyball”-now in theaters, and “Parks and Recreation,” which airs Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. on NBC.

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