By Aaron Williams

Students’ enjoyment of their college experiences will be equal to how much they are involved on campus. At the University of Louisville, a wide variety of recognized student organizations are offered to students as a way of developing and expressing their interests outside of the classroom.

The fact of the matter is, if you spend all your time simply going to class and then going back to your place of residence, you probably will not have as enjoyable of a college experience as you would have if you chose to get involved at your university.

Students looking to get involved should consider their own interests and capabilities and then review what RSOs are offered that would nicely match with these fields. Here at U of L, there are plenty of ways to get involved.

Politically-minded students should look into joining RSOs such as College Republicans or College Democrats, to meet and formulate ideas with fellow politically-minded students.

If politics aren’t your thing, there are other routes you can take on the road to getting involved. You could join an RSO that relates to your field of study, such as Biology Undergraduate Student Association, Economics Club, Sociology Student Association, Kentucky Association of Nursing Students, Kentucky Education Association or Psi Chi.

Students of different religious affiliations are sure to find a home at one of U of L’s faith-based organizations, such as the InterFaith Center, Baptist Campus Ministries or The Campus Church.

Of course there is a plethora of Greek organizations to choose from, should you wish to get involved with Greek life. Sorority recruitment begins a week or so before classes begin, while fraternity rush takes place once the fall semester is underway.

If you’re looking to keep off the infamous Freshman 15, consider getting involved in an athletic RSO, such as Cardinal Collegiate Rugby Football, or any of the long list of campus intramurals. Intramural offerings at U of L range from basketball to football, soccer to track. In addition, the intramurals office offers a variety of clubs to join, such as Bowling Club, Fencing Club, Lacrosse Club and Racquetball Club.

RSOs don’t have to be just about your interests though. There are plenty to join that will give students the opportunity to give back to others and their community. These include organizations like Bonner Leaders; Prevention, Education, and Advocacy on Campus and in the Community; the Collegiate 100; and more.

Whatever organizations you choose to join during your years at U of L, be sure to make the most of them. A college experience should also be grounded in social learning and growth – things that take place outside of the four walls of a classroom. Joining RSOs can add that dimension to your experience, and allow you to meet new people and make new friends in the process.