By Baylee Pulliam

When many students arrive at the University of Louisville, one of the first things they may wonder is what their classmates will be like.

While most students may not have the opportunity to learn the names and favorite colors of all of their 22,290 classmates at U of L, it might be a good start to learn where most of them come from.

According to the U of L 2010-2011 Fact Book, students at U of L represent 99 countries, 54 American states and territories, and 118 Kentucky counties. The Fact Book states that 77.48 percent of U of L students are from Kentucky.

Students at U of L participate in a wide array of extracurricular activities. With 299 recognized student organizations, 26 national Greek letter sororities and fraternities, and 23 sports clubs, opportunities are everywhere. In the fall of 2010, 9.5 percent of students belonged to a fraternity or a sorority.

Many students at U of L receive some type of financial aid. In the past school year, more than 300 U of L students partook in the Cardinal Covenant program, which awards aid to economically disadvantaged students.

According to the 2010 Campus Climate Survey, 78 percent of students say they believe U of L is racially diverse. U of L can also be said to be diverse in the ages, financial backgrounds, geographic origins and interests of its students.