Fire breaks through the roof of home next to The Mag BarBy Bailey Richards


Around 10:50 on the night of September 2nd the Louisville Fire Department received a call from a neighbor about a fire on 2nd St. and Magnolia Ave. They arrived on the scene to find a 3 story Old Louisville home, just one house down from the Mag Bar, engulfed in flames. According to neighbor, Jenny Keen, the third floor of the brick Victorian was inhabited by 90 year old James Dillon, who had lived in the home for over 50 years. Keen also said that the home was currently undergoing renovations to its floors.
            The Mag Bar, which is just a few hundred feet to the East of the home, was seemingly untouched by the blaze. There were many people inside of the bar at the time the fire started, all of which were very quickly evacuated. No one inside of the bar was injured; however the 90 year old resident of the home was taken in an ambulance as soon as fire fighters arrived.
            The house suffered considerable structural damage leading to an evacuation of the fire fighters inside until a safer method of navigating the house could be found. The Louisville Fire Department sent a ladder from one of its trucks nearly horizontally to the roof of the home. Two fire fighters then took this ladder to the roof with chainsaws and cut an opening by which they could continue to combat the blaze. Around 12:30 an all clear was called.
            After the fire had been sufficiently put out, a statement was made to the media saying it had been a 2 alarm fire and that over 50 emergency workers had been on the scene.