By Anna Williams

The Student Recreation Center is well known on the University of Louisville’s campus. Opened in 2013, this fitness center seeks to “improve the quality of life and sense of belonging for all members of the University of Louisville community.”

This 129,400-square-foot facility offers a plethora of exercise equipment for free for students, faculty, and staff to use during the day and offers club and intramural sports for students.

SRC fitness trainer Loghan Currin, a senior, takes a selfie with her dance fitness class during the first week of fall classes. Photo Courtesy // Loghan Currin

Fitness classes

One of SRC’s features that I enjoy the most is the fitness classes. Ranging from categories like cycling to barre, they offer students with gym anxiety, like myself, a safe space to work out. This resource aids in the SRC’s initiative to be inclusive of all members of the U of L community, and I believe they deserve praise for their efforts.

I have been taking fitness classes at the SRC since my freshman year. I have never had a negative experience with the class times or instructors. 

Class times have shown themselves to be extremely accommodating to the schedule of a college student. There are morning fitness classes for the students with a packed evening and evening fitness classes in case schedules lean more morning-heavy. Since most of the instructors are students, they understand the need for accommodation.

Speaking of, the instructors are incredible. Every class has left me empowered and motivated to continue pushing my body physically.

Lauren Cassady, a class of 2026 cycle instructor at the SRC, commented on her perspective regarding the value of fitness classes.

“It’s really important to me that all bodies feel welcome to exercise and to spread awareness that there is no one size fits all look in the gym,” she said. “It took me a long time to learn that you can exercise without the goal being aesthetics and I want to help other people do that.”

What about other universities?

Compared to the University of Kentucky’s Campus Recreation, U of L’s SRC seems to be the only fitness center out of the two that routinely offers group fitness classes. This sense of consistent activity allows students to better connect with instructors and achieve their fitness goals.

How are fitness classes beneficial to students?

The efforts by the SRC to establish routine fitness classes have proven itself to be extremely beneficial for students participating in those classes. 

According to research performed by Purdue University, college students who visit their campus gyms are more likely to succeed in the classroom. Active students have shown an increased ability to manage time and have better mental health. These factors are necessary for one’s success in the classroom.

The SRC has proven itself to be an excellent resource for students with gym anxiety who are looking to engage in a healthy routine. The fitness classes offered foster relational connection to other students and staff in the Cardinal Community and cognitive benefits for students participating in the classes.

The SRC succeeded in its goal of uplifting and including all students in their fitness goals with the addition of group fitness classes during the semester, and I encourage you to try one if you haven’t already!

Photo Courtesy // U of L News