By Anthony Riley-

In an effort to get the university closer to its goal of getting 80% of students vaccinated, Campus Health services held pop-up clinics all around  Belknap campus, such as in the Ekstrom Library, in the Belknap Academic Building, and in the Student Recreation Center during the second week of classes. Students that got vaccinated on-site received a 10$ meal voucher and got to take their pick of University merchandise and campus swag, like sweatshirts and shoes donated by UofL Athletics. Students that had already been vaccinated simply needed to show proof of vaccination to receive their meal voucher.

Though COVID vaccines have been available to the public for months, not everyone has received their vaccine yet, with some students only getting their vaccines now. One student said that she waited until she came to campus to get vaccinated because vaccines weren’t easily accessible in her rural hometown and that she knew that she’d be able to get vaccinated at UofL. Another student said that he waited until he was mentally ready to receive the vaccine, as he’d had bad experiences with vaccines in the past. All students that got vaccinated at these clinics, as well as all students that have already been vaccinated, got entered into the University’s Student Vaccination Contest, where they have a chance at winning various prizes. A semester of free tuition, free parking passes and AirPods are among the prizes students can win. The University plans on extending these pop-up clinics through this upcoming week.

Photos by Anthony Riley//The Louisville Cardinal