By Eli Hughes–

The University of Louisville’s Information Technology department sent out an email on Oct. 4, warning the U of L community of scam emails being sent to some U of L email addresses. The scam emails claim to provide coronavirus relief funds to those who fill out a form.

The IT department advises everyone to look out for these emails, which are being sent from multiple email addresses.

“The emails have the subject ‘Covid-19 Benefits’ or no subject and references a $920 payment and a Giveaway. These messages are fake and are part of a phishing scam,” the IT department said.

Those who receive a scam email should report it by using the “Report Message” button on Outlook. They should also make sure they don’t fill out the form or give any personal information to the scammers.

“If you have provided any personal information on this form, please monitor your related accounts, and cease any further contact,” the email said. “If you receive a phone call from the scammer, ITS asks that you contact the ITS Helpdesk and provide the phone number that the scammer is texting you from. If you provided any account information, you should change your passwords.”

File Photo//The Louisville Cardinal