By Ben Goldberger —

Students have a large amount of dining options on campus with different types of cuisine. There are chain restaurants like Subway and Chick-Fil-A, a cafeteria-style dining option in the Ville Grille and fresher options in the Marketplace.

But throughout these options, many of the restaurants sell the same types of food. There are three different sandwich restaurants, two American-style fast food places and a burger station both in the Marketplace and the Ville Grille. 

Because of this, U of L should bring in new restaurants to give students broader options when choosing where to get a bite to eat. The following restaurants are some dining options that would be great to have on campus.

Cook Out

This is an obvious suggestion for a restaurant on a college campus. Cook Out has pretty much every type of food under the moon, with a menu consisting of burgers, hot dogs, quesadillas, chicken nuggets, milkshakes, cheesecake and so much more.

On top of this, all Cook Out locations are open past 2 a.m., giving students an option for dinner if they are out late studying. This combination of an extensive menu and late hours is the perfect recipe for a restaurant on a college campus.


The biggest thing that is missing in the U of L dining scene is healthy options.

Sweetgreen is a chain restaurant that serves healthy foods such as salads and grain bowls. Having a healthier option on campus would make eating on campus much easier for vegan and vegetarian students at the university.

It would also allow for students to eat more sustainably since Sweetgreen does not offer any meat products. This would play into U of L’s value of sustainability, so it would also benefit the university as a whole. Sweetgreen is a win-win situation for both the students and the administration and should be brought to campus as soon as possible.

Mark’s Feed Store

Once a favorite dining spot on campus, Mark’s Feed Store was replaced by Sandwich Shack last year. Mark’s Feed Store was notorious for its great meal swipe options, giving the largest amount of food across all campus meal swipes.

Bringing back this Louisville born-and-raised dining option would be widely appreciated across the student body. Along with the positive reaction that will come with adding this dining option to campus, Mark’s Feed Store will diversify the campus dining options by adding barbeque to the menu.

Assorted Food Trucks

There are few things that are pretty much universally liked, and one of these things is food trucks.

No matter where you are, everyone gets excited when they see a food truck. Having a food truck of the week from local restaurants will allow students to have a quick bite in between classes. The food trucks on campus will also increase the diversity of food options that students can choose from. 

Food trucks would be a quirky addition to the campus dining scene that would promote the city as well as excite the students. 

There are many different ways the university could improve the options for eating on campus, but these four are a great place to start.

Graphic by Shayla Kerr // The Louisville Cardinal