By Zoe Watkins —

There are different exercise classes that students can participate in; however, the latest addition adds more flavor to the mix.

“Refit” is a fitness class hosted by freshmen Samantha Underwood and Ethan Mills. Both freshmen intern at the Building Resilience In Campus Community (BRICC) Coalition which helps students who drink alcohol build resilience and provides a supportive community for those who are in recovery.

“We try to educate people on alcohol safety. We tell people we are supportive of people who do drink, people who don’t drink and people who are in recovery,” Underwood said.

Underwood said the goal of BRICC is to make campus a safer place for students. She added the group educates people on alcohol safety and gives out information a person would need if they choose to drink or knows someone who drinks.

“So our branch specifically works with alcohol safety and so we partner with Health Promotions to put on a workout dance class that’s supposed to be inclusive to everybody. Every shape and size and gender,” Underwood said.

The exercise class requires no previous exercising experience. It incorporates aerobics, group exercise and different dances, all at different skill levels.

Mills and Underwood started the class last semester when they noticed that a lack of resilience in students was evident.

“It came from us realizing that there was a need for something in our programming that was actually actively helping to build that. So, we realized that physical fitness is an important part of building resilience, community and friendships. That’s a good way to counteract negative things that are happening,” Mills said.

Refit also has another segment called heart-work.

“We all sit around in a circle, and we’ll all talk about whatever is going on that week and we’ll try and have some positive message or positive thinking,” Mills said.

Refit is held every Monday from 2-3 p.m. in the SAC room 118.

Graphic by Alexis Simon // The Louisville Cardinal