By Kat Craine–

Spring Break fashion has brought us everything from tiny boy-shorts and retro Nikes, to the high-cut swimsuit bottoms made famous in the 70s. Let’s not forget 2018’s rise of the romp-him; rompers for him.

Its time for you to make your mark across America, being part of an American tradition, and hopefully looking good while doing it.

The activewear trend this year is “surf, cycle, skate.”

This is perfect for Spring Break because of the inherent versatility and practicality of the clothing. Basically, the trend is defined by athleisure fashion for the outdoors.

A great Spring 2019 trend to pair this with would be the asymmetrical neckline trend, and neutral tones.

For example, you could wear Kardashian-famous skin-color bike shorts, a fanny pack, and a bikini top, tank top or t-shirt with an asymmetrical neckline or sleeve.

Shoe trends this year are defined by rubber, and a retro, chunky heel or platform.

Colorful, large and futuristic sunglasses have replaced 2018’s sophisticated slim, cat-eye lens. If your sunglasses look like someone might go skiing with them in 1984, you’re on the right track.

Last but not least, this season’s hot color is green sage; green sage meshes perfectly with the beige trend and will be perfect for all the Spring Breaker’s visiting Colorado or California (we all know why you’re going).

I would call this season’s trends futuristic minimalism.

It is time to ditch the Hawaiian shirts and denim shorts for clothing that is both practical, cool and fashion forward. The tradition of Spring Break is timeless, but neon clothing, baseball caps and white chucks are not.

Graphic by Shayla Kerr / The Louisville Cardinal