January 31, 2019

Life’s nothing but a game of privilege

By Kyla Thomas —

The board game Life was given a new social twist created by the Student Activities Board and the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority on Jan. 24.

When students entered the ballroom there were posters where students could put a sticker to show their stance on topics ranging from the voting rights of felons to whether or not churches should be taxed for donations.

After those questions, free food was given as more political conversation began.

When the leaders were ready, people were put into teams and were given dice to roll. Certain parts of the makeshift board they made were called “privilege cards” where there would be a certain outcome. Outcomes included losing money due to lack of worship space on campus or collecting $200 for being able to walk up stairs.

“It was kind of sad, I wasn’t really expecting for it to get so real so quick. But it did make me want to realize the things that I do and the privilege I have and take advantage of,” freshman Sierra Steward said.

By the end of the game, while there was a winner picked, it almost didn’t feel like anyone won.

“It was a fun, yet educational night. It put our privileges that we take advantage of on display. After this I’m going to be more social conscience to the privileges I do and do not have, and take less advantage of them,” freshman Deja Austin said.

The event taught participants the value of recognizing their privilege and not taking advantage of it. The activity exemplified challenges different individuals face daily.

Graphic by Shayla Kerr / The Louisville Cardinal

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