By Sam Combest —

Tailgate season is upon us y’all. We’ve waited 283 days for football weekends to come back and here they are. Here’s a survival guide to survive the upcoming games such as the highly anticipated University of Louisville versus Alabama State University held in the Camping World Stadium this Labor Day weekend.

Stay Charged.

Since student tickets are primarily on the Cards Mobile app, be sure to pack a small portable charger. Don’t let your cute pics for Insta and your constant updates to your snap story drain your battery.

Don’t forget the aux.

No tailgate is complete without some bangin’ tunes, so bring your loudest speaker and your favorite playlists and most importantly don’t forget the aux. You would be surprised what music others can bring into your life.

Bigger isn’t better, sisters.

This one goes to the ladies: there’s nothing worse than trekking from Tailgate all the way to the gate and being denied access because of the size of your smallest purse (been there, done that).

Make sure your purse is compliant with the new NCAA clear bag policy posted outside the stadium and available on the athletics webpage

Put those Kroger bags to good use.

For our designated drivers out there, keep grocery or any other trash bags in your car for the less fortunate who couldn’t make it from tailgate to the game.

Keep an eye on your friends.

Not all of us are aware of our limits and may take things too far when it comes to the consumption of alcohol. If this happens keep an eye on your friends. If your friend shows signs of alcohol poisoning or may be “black out” drunk, take them home and make sure they get the proper care.

Hydrate or die-drate.

Speaking of the liver, give your liver a break. Staying hydrated is key. Alternate with water often because this will also help with your impending hangover. A good rule of thumb is to have one glass of water for every alcoholic drink.

Eat good, stay thick.

Eat. Eating is important when it comes to absorbing alcohol, plus who doesn’t love a good hot dog or hamburger (veggie dogs and veggie burgers included)?

Go Cards!

Tailgating isn’t all about drinking though. The most important part of tailgate is showing pride for your athletic program, so celebrate accordingly by showing off your school pride with some Cardinal gear!