August 30, 2018

Four reasons U of L is still better than Alabama

U of L may not take home the win on September 1st, but regardless, there’s many qualities that beat Alabama by a long shot.

1. Who wants a cuddly elephant as a mascot?

We’ve all seen him run on the field to amp up the crowd. A giant plush elephant named Big Al. When someone mentions cartoon animals, what do you think of? Dumbo or the circus.

If the stuffed animal-esque mascot wasn’t bad enough, think back to the 1950’s. The University of Alabama hired elephants from traveling circuses to serve as a mascot for football games.

Adopted from the state bird, Louie the Cardinal is ready to bring on the competition. Who needs a fuzzy little elephant when you have an angry bird, complete with gritted teeth?

The best part? Unlike Alabama, no animals were harmed in the making of this mascot

2. Remember the Sunkist Fiesta Bowl?

In 1991 U of L faced off with Alabama at the Sunkist Fiesta Bowl in Arizona. Against all odds, Louisville came out on top with a score of 34-7. U of L, who wasn’t even part of a conference at the time, trumped the esteemed SEC member. Throughout the whole game, Alabama only managed to score once.

If we creamed Alabama once, there’s no way we can’t do it again.

3. U of L takes the majority in overall sports.

Alabama may trump us in football, but we have the upper hand in almost every other sport.

Men’s soccer is ranked No. 6 in the nation. The Tide is not ranked in soccer.

Baseball has appeared in five Super Regionals in the past six years. No other team in the country has accomplished the feat.

Women’s basketball reached the 2018 NCAA Final Four and is regularly awesome. Alabama did not even reach the tournament.

Women’s swimming and diving finished fifth overall at the 2018 NCAA Championships, also earning a second consecutive NCAA title in the 200 free via Mallory Comerford. Alabama can’t swim like we do.

Volleyball finished 18-2 in their conference last season and became ACC Champions. Alabama finished 6-12 near the bottom of the SEC.

Need we go on?

4. Even squirrels want to be on our field.

During the 2017 season, U of L welcomed a furry little friend to the field, as it ran all the way to the end zone scoring a touchdown. The adorable little animal sprinted across the field as the crowd cheered on, ultimately going down in history as an iconic moment in U of L football. We don’t see any fuzzy little creatures getting a star role on Alabama’s field.

Photo by Matt Bradshaw / The Louisville Cardinal

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