By Megan Brewer — 

I have three words for this week at U of L, “about time” and “why.”

There’s finally some sunshine for students, but of course, there’s always some clouds. On the bright side, we hired a permanent president and now have student representation of U of L Foundation’s board. Unfortunately, this year’s graduates may not see their names inside a commencement program.

Here’s the brew for this week:

Neeli Bendapudi

I have to start by saying that I was wrong, Interim President Greg Postel did not get the job as president.

I’m happy to have been proven wrong, not because it’s not Postel, but because we instead got President Neeli Bendapudi, and it’s about time we did.

If you listen to Bendapudi speak, you can tell she has U of L’s best interest in mind. She seems to really care and be a great fit for the university.

She’s also our first female president and our first person of color — with this, I can’t wait to see what she does to keep pushing diversity on campus in the right direction.

If you decide to do some digging on Bendapudi, you’ll find that while teaching at Ohio State University she received at 4.9/5 on Rate My Professor.

Let’s just say, I’m excited for her to take over the position and I hope to see her do great things.

Student director of U of L Foundation

It’s about time, part two. For the first time ever, we have a student, SGA President Vishnu Tirumala, serving as ex officio director on U of L’s Foundation.

Of course, this doesn’t mean Tirumala will have a vote with ULF, but the students will finally have a voice at the table.

The university only exists because of students, so it’s important we have a voice on every board at U of L. This move by the university is another step in the right direction following the hire of Bundapudi.

That’s my seat

It’s getting to be finals week here at U of L and we all know what that means — our peers we haven’t seen since the first week of class are showing back up.

As they do, you wonder how they’re passing and why they’re sitting in your seat.

We’re in college so we don’t actually have assigned seats, but we all have our unassigned assigned seat. It’s the seat you found in the first week and have sat in every class since.

To those people that come in and take my unassigned assigned seat, don’t be upset when I ask you if I can have my seat back. You should’ve came to class.

Who graduated?

In the past, when students graduated from U of L, they received a program with their name and all of their peer’s names inside. This year that might change.

Don’t worry graduates, you will get a program, it just won’t have your name in it. It will still have your president’s name and all that other stuff that no one really cares too much about.

The university wants to save some extra cash, and the way to do this is by cutting out the pages with all of the graduate’s names.

I hope graduates don’t want that memorabilia this year or any year in the future, because it might not be something anyone gets.

Who wants to remember graduating college anyway, right?

Graphic by Mitchell Howes / The Louisville Cardinal