By Megan Brewer —

Sometimes I get annoyed with little things like cellphones, and other times I get annoyed with larger items like presidential candidates and people who don’t support women’s sports. Here’s the brew for this week:

Cellphones and walking

Cellphones make walking hard apparently.

Nothing gets under my skin more than when I’m walking on campus and there’s someone walking in front of me unnecessarily slow because they’re on their phone.

The longest walk on campus would maybe take you 10 minutes, if that. If you can’t go 10 minutes without sending a Snapchat or scrolling through Twitter, I’m not sure how you’re passing your classes.

I also dislike when someone almost runs into me because they don’t look up from their phone to walk. You’re on campus with a lot of other people walking, here’s an idea: look where you’re going.

Seriously, put your phone in your pocket and just walk. I promise whatever you’re looking at will still be there when you get where you’re going.

Postel is still in the presidential pool

What do you know, there’s 10 candidates left in the presidential search and Interim President Greg Postel is one of them.

Am I shocked? No.

But did I expect anything more from the board of trustees? Also, no.

Do I think Postel will get the job? This one’s a yes.

The reality of U of L’s presidential search is that Postel will most likely get the job.

You’re probably wondering if I think Postel should get the job, right? I don’t.

This is the guy who, in a recent board meeting, said, “A three percent increase would be $300 per student and if it was that or some loss of program quality, most of them would find the $300.”

Because all of us college students just have $300 laying around, right?

This isn’t the best move for the university, but it doesn’t fall far from administration’s other decisions in the past year.

NCAA tournament

The men’s basketball team didn’t make the tournament, but the women’s team did.

Instead of focusing on the men’s team not making the tournament we should be supporting our women.

The women’s basketball team have a strong team this year and could win the NCAA championship.

I know it’s hard to stray away from football and men’s basketball for some, but cheering on our women, who are 34-2 this season, is worth every minute.

They’re a strong team and deserve the same amount of support, if not more, than any team at U of L right now.

File Photo / The Louisville Cardinal