January 29, 2018

Loving Vincent becomes most successful film booked by Speed Cinema

Photo courtesy / Speed Cinema

By Arry Schofield —

Now nominated by the Academy for best animated film, “Loving Vincent”  is still stealing the show at the Speed Cinema.

Originally intended for only five viewings in October 2017, “Loving Vincent” is still running with 73 consecutive sold out shows. Each booking has consistently filled up the theater, and there are no signs of the excitement stopping over the world’s first hand-painted film.

Every second of the 94-minute film contained 12 paintings, bringing the famous works of the post-impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh to life.

Completely depicted in oils, “Loving Vincent” retraces the moments before the death of Van Gogh. The film confronts issues regarding relationships and mental health and leaves viewers without many answers.

Dean Otto, film curator at the Speed Art Museum, said Louisville responded surprisingly well to the unique nature of the film. From the moment he saw its premiere, he knew it could have a large local presence. As soon as word of booking the film in Louisville got out, cinema lovers were ready to be a part of it.

“We had sold hundreds of tickets before we had even done our marketing material. There’s a strong audience for independent films here in Louisville,” Otto said.

As long as the booked viewings continue to sell out, Otto says he will continue to show the film more.

Despite the release of other formats of the film, the Speed is still accommodating large crowds.

“When I saw that the film came out on DVD, I thought that this was it, but it still hasn’t died down. People just want that experience of seeing it on the big screen in a room of other people,” Otto said.

The success of the film has brought more attention to the Speed Cinema and the museum as a whole. “Loving Vincent” has brought in a diverse crowd of viewers, from entire families, elderly couples and college aged groups.

Catch “Loving Vincent” at the Speed Cinema until Feb. 11.

Photo courtesy / Speed Cinema 

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