By Joe Hedges

For seven years, the Louisville Film Society has welcomed creative locals to present their works for the bi-annual Short Film Slam.

This year on May 23rd at the Speed Art Cinema, the screenings will include ties to our beloved Bluegrass State, meaning they will be locally produced, and most of the filmmakers will be fellow Kentuckians. Each viewing will be followed by a 5-minute Q&A with the director or producer. The evening will be the premiere of motion pictures ranging from investigative documentaries to music videos to more traditional narratives and experimental works.

View of the Speed Cinema Theater. File Photo // Joe Hedges, The Louisville Cardinal.

U of L students are invited to not only attend this event but showcase what cinematic talents they have to offer. The filmmaker with the highest-ranking short film will be presented with a $500 cash prize at the end of the night, which could cover the costs for a textbook or two next semester.

The guidelines for submitting are as follows:

  • The director, writer, or producer must be a former of current resident in Kentucky, or Southern Indiana,

  • The submission requires approval from the director, if not submitted by the director,

  • Must allow a 4-week exclusive window for their film to be showed by the Louisville Film Society (No public viewings within 75 miles during this span),

  • Films may not exceed 15 minutes. Any narrative, musical, documentary films are welcome, as long as it is a finished project. No trailers or works-in-progress are eligible.

  • Two submission maximum per person,

  • The next deadline for submissions is March 21st, with April 11th being the late deadline

Students at U of L are encouraged to be part of this local tradition. They will be joined in the audience by donors and patrons of the Speed Art Museum, as well as Louisville Film Society members, filmmakers, and film enjoyers alike.

Due to the popularity of this occasion not all submissions will be accepted, so it is encouraged to enter films sooner rather than later. This mini movie marathon takes place at the Speed Art Cinema on May 23rd at 7 PM.

Tickets will go on sale during April, and they will go quickly, so be on the lookout.

For students inquiring about this event, or any action in the local movie scene, feel free to visit