By Shelby Brown–

The University of Louisville met or exceeded seven out of the nine issued raised by their accrediting agency. In an email blast from Interim President Greg Postel, he said U of L is well positioned to address the other two items. Postel said SACS applauded U of L’s cooperation with the agency.

SACS also noted the university is currently operating with integrity.

“We’ve had teams of people working diligently throughout this whole year. This is a problem we have taken very seriously,” Postel said at a board of trustees meeting Oct. 2.

The university is in compliance with the core requirement that relates to the governing board, the issue that initially put U of L on the agency’s radar. Postel’s email also lists standards related to CEO evaluations and selection, conflict of interest, external influence, board dismissal, financial stability and financial management.

Recommendations were also provided to correct the other two issues.

U of L will respond to SACS recommendations before the Nov. 3 deadline. Accreditation status will be determined Dec. 2-5 in Dallas, Texas. Postel will be present for the Dec. meeting.

Prior to the agency’s site visit, Postel and administration traveled to Atlanta, Georgia to meet with SACS to prepare. SACS visited the university in Sept. to assess the steps U of L had taken towards compliance. Postel said the visit was productive.

Since June 2016, the accrediting agency cited nine violations and placed the university on probation. U of L initially landed on SACS radar when Governor Matt Bevin dissolved the university’s board of trustees. Several other violations followed after the Alvarez and Marsal audit of the foundation wrapped revealing gross overspending and financial negligence under former president James Ramsey and his administration.


Updated 1:51 p.m. 10/2/17