Students need transparency, passion from our next president

By Megan Brewer–

U of L’s Board of Trustees will search for our next president soon. U of L’s staff ranked honesty as the top trait they want in the next president. But as damage by former president James Ramsey is uncovered, it’s safe to say U of L needs a trustworthy and transparent president.

As a student, I want the next president to have those traits and an unconditional love for the university.

U of L’s next president must do things by the book, keeping students and staff in mind with every decision.

We desperately need someone who, unlike Ramsey, is transparent and honest about everything. Ramsey’s lack of these traits put U of L in an ongoing audit, facing consequences he brought. Trust and transparency are key qualities U of L should look for in a president, but those aren’t the most important.

As a transfer student, I spent my first half of college at, Lindsey Wilson College, a small institution. That college’s president has more than 30 years invested in the school. He loves the school, students and staff with a passion. Students could even go to dinner at the president’s house any day of the week.

As a larger college, passion and love aren’t qualities the board will look for. But considering the negative light on U of L, they should be.

U of L needs a president with the same passion a small college president has; someone who will put time and effort into pushing the university in a positive direction.

I’m not saying it would be logical for the president to invite 22,000 students to dinner, but U of L’s next president should have such love for students that they feel that’s possible.

We need a president who loves the university and takes pride in being our leader. Our next president should be someone who has time invested in U of L; who loves the university enough to stick around for 30 years.

U of L doesn’t need a president who wants to preside over just any university. U of L’s board needs to find an individual who wants nothing more than to be the president of the University of Louisville.

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