Tue. Jul 16th, 2019

Student killed at gallery shootout

By Shelby Brown–

U of L student Savannah Jeanne Walker was killed and five other people injured March 19 when someone shot into a crowded concert at the Tim Faulkner Gallery. Police said the shots began at 1:20 a.m. during a performance by “A Boogie with the Hoodie.”

The five injured have not been named. Police say several hundred people were inside, but have not confirmed what started the shooting.

U of L student Mya La’Chelle escaped the gallery after the shooting started. “We were standing near the stage just enjoying the music. Suddenly around 1:30 a.m. about five shots go off and everyone hit the floor,” La’Chelle said. “There was a break in fire, so we started to get back up and that’s when about seven more shots were fired and people started running. Unfortunately, I got trampled over and I’m pretty banged up.

La’Chelle said the gunshots sent the terrified people towards the exits. “People ran out the back and were hopping the fence which had to be at least 20 feet with barbed wire across the top.

We immediately left after that, but I know for sure two people were shot when I left. Crazy thing is there was no arguing or anything going on before the shooting started.”

Louisville Metro Police Department Lieutenant Emily McKinley said police are investigating rumors the Faulkner Gallery was targeted.

“Someone did mention to me that someone else posted yesterday about shooting up the party but the post was quickly deleted and the page was deactivated,” La’Chelle said.

McKinley said off-duty LMPD officers working outside Faulkner Gallery responded when the shooting began inside.

The five other victims received treatment at U of L Hospital, and are expected to survive. They range from 20 to 33 years old.

“At this time detectives are still interviewing, collecting evidence from them and speaking with them. We are also collecting evidence from the area. As expected, this was an extremely large scene,” McKinley said. “It took us almost 12 hours to process the entire scene and finish what we had to do there. We are still in the area collecting some things and following up on some things right now.”

McKinley said LMPD has more questions than answers and asked citizens pay attention to “chatter” on social media.

“If you see something on social media even if you weren’t at the concert or you (see) a video or photos, please let us know and get that information to us,” McKinley said. “Those photos as far as where people are can be vital to us. We can identify some people in those photos. You don’t know what might be helpful to us, so, please, if you have anything or see anything on there, let us know.”

“We’re not going to let people who do these types of things walk all over us. We’re not scared,” McKinley said. “You should feel safe to go out and enjoy yourself and not be afraid of things like this happening. There’s always more good than bad and I think we will find that in this case.”

Anyone with information pertaining to the investigation is asked to call 574-LMPD.

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  1. When a child grows up knowing or feeling like they are not really wanted, their perspective is that life really has no significance. This is why we keep having hapless murders throughout the U.S.
    You want real change? Pursue and provide anything and everything that promotes personal accountability and responsibility. Start with making personal development an integral part of school curriculum from K to 12. Lets break the cycle by teaching self esteem, goal setting, and character building. The result would be a paradigm shift with a tsunami sized ripple effect. Everyone is here on purpose and every life matters. Let’s make sure that belief is ingrained in our children’s conscious and sub-conscious minds. God bless.

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