February 10, 2017

Singles Awareness Day doesn’t need to be sad


By Madison Thompson–

Valentine’s Day is approaching, but there is another holiday not as well-known or celebrated on the same day.

Singles Awareness Day, or Singles Appreciation Day, is a holiday celebrated on Feb. 14. S.A.D. serves as a supplementary holiday for people not in a relationship or who do not have a significant other. People celebrate it for a variety of reasons, serving as a reminder that a person does not need to be in a relationship to be happy.

While Valentine’s Day involves couples going on dates, people partaking in S.A.D. do things with their single friends. S.A.D. activities can include going to dinner with single friends, seeing a movie or treating oneself to gifts.

Singles Awareness Day also stretches past Feb. 14 because of the post-Valentine’s Day sales. Bags of candy and relatively good quality Valentine’s Day themed goods are readily available at a decent price the days following this February holiday.

Valentine’s Day is nice. The reds and pinks coupled together are a reminder that florists will be ordering lots of bouquets and stores will be stocked with anatomically incorrect candy hearts.

No matter what you intend to celebrate, let it be filled with the activities and people you like the most.

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