December 6, 2016

Winter break doesn’t have to be boring


By Jared Anderson–

Winter break is nearly upon us. The last day of finals is Dec. 14 and classes don’t start resume until Jan. 9. Here are a few ways to spend that free time.

Go home – Students use the break as an opportunity to go home and visit the family and snack on as much free food as possible. Your parents and pets are missing you and you are probably missing them just as much. It’s good to get away from school once in a while. Take some time to spend with your family.

Work – Don’t complain about not having money if you aren’t going to work when the opportunity presents itself. Almost four weeks of work hours can build up.

“I plan to work more hours so I can save money for study abroad next summer,” junior Leslie Bryan said.

Travel somewhere warmer – November has seen unusually warm temperatures, but the temperatures will reach freezing soon and it is going to be dreadfully cold. A trip somewhere warmer like the beach could be ideal if possible

“I’m going on a cruise over break,” sophomore Garrett Westerfield said.

Sleep – By the time finals have concluded, students look like zombies who have forgotten what sleep is. There is absolutely nothing wrong with going to bed at 8:00 p.m. on break. Your body will thank you.

Attend a concert  – Kanye West may have canceled his show at the KFC Yum! Center, but Manheim Steamroller has a tour date in Louisville and Trans-Siberian Orchestra will be two hours away in Cincinnati. TSO featured a former U of L orchestra violinist a couple of years ago when they visited.

See “A Christmas Carol” – Actor’s Theatre has two extremely popular events when “Dracula” and “A Christmas Carol” roll around each year. Both typically sell out due to their popularity. Witness Charles Dickens’ story like you’ve never seen it before.

Play in the snow – I can’t promise there will be snow, but this city is known for getting some. There are some good locations within the city to go sledding (just beware of trees!). For a wetter, heavier snow building a snowman, snowwoman or snow family could be ideal. Will Ferrell taught us how to have an epic snowball fight.

Go to a Louisville game (or two) – The football team is bowl-eligible and projected to go to a good bowl. Whether it’s the Orange Bowl or a lesser bowl Cards fans typically travel well.

“I also will be traveling with the Cardinal Marching Band and the football team to the bowl game,” Bryan said.

Watch Christmas movies – We all have our favorites and, chances are, they’re on Netflix or Freeform will play all of them during the 25 Days of Christmas movie marathon. Annoy your friends with the same quotes and gifs from your favorite movie over and over.

Sing – “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.” Christmas carols aren’t for everyone so you better watch out who you serenade with your tune.


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