December 5, 2016

Meaningful movies to watch over the holiday season


By Jake Ford–

There are five classic Christmas movies that are superior to all others: “Home Alone,” “Jingle All the Way,” “Christmas Vacation.” “Bad Santa” and “Elf.”  All of these movies not only incorporate the spirit of Christmas, but the entire holiday season.

Plain and simple, “Home Alone” is a Christmas movie favorite. What seems like a movie for kids is actually one that everyone can enjoy. “No matter how old I get, I can still watch ‘Home Alone’ and laugh,” senior Kelly Fleischer said.

Everyone knows how hectic the holiday season can be and the McAllister family demonstrates this perfectly. Running late for a flight and having too many children to keep track of is a disaster waiting to happen. The inevitable problem that ensued was the main character, Kevin, being left at home alone.

While he impressively and humorously fended off the neighborhood “wet bandits,” it is the hug that Kevin and his mother share when they reunite that makes you realize just how important family is around the holidays.

“Jingle All the Way” stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and shows how far some parents are willing to go to ensure that their child has the gift that they desire most. In “Jingle All the Way,” the big toy item is an action figure “Turbo Man.” Schwarzenegger goes to crazy and slightly illegal heights to obtain a “Turbo Man” doll for his son after he waited until the last minute to shop.

The lesson in this movie could simply be not waiting until the night before Christmas to shop. But it could also be a commentary on the lengths parents will go through to make their children happy.

“Christmas Vacation” is one Clark Griswold and Cousin Eddie’s best works. Almost effortlessly, Chevy Chase as Clark goes through his favorite holiday of the year. A blend of character personalities makes this movie truly great.

While Clark tries hard to make everything perfect, it is a struggle to the happy ending. It brings light to the fact that no family is perfect and at no matter how badly your uncle or weird cousins annoy you, they are family.

“Bad Santa” is a comedy about a con man and his hilarious partner who dress as Santa and elves while ripping off malls and shopping outlets during the holiday season. Billy Bob Thornton plays “Willie,” an alcoholic, depressed man who hates the holidays.

But a friendship he forms with a boy makes him believe there is still hope for him. Willie and partner’s behavior is ridiculous throughout the movie, but stresses the importance of friendship and fresh starts.

Finally, one of Will Ferrell’s best movies is “Elf.” Like all his movies, this is a comedy, but it has a strong message with it. Ferrell plays Buddy, a happy elf who leaves the North Pole and winds up living with a family that he almost destroys.

Luckily, the man he is staying with realizes Buddy exerts the qualities that everyone should strive to have.  He is kind to everyone and puts family first. “I like Elf because in typical Ferrell fashion it was funny, but it also carried a good holiday meaning,” senior Kyle Travis said.

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