By Silvana Hill–

Directed by Mike Flanagan, the first “Ouija” film was released in 2014. The movie was a box office success, despite its mixed reviews, and immediately sparked interest in the thin, wooden board. So much so, a sequel was made.

I’ve never seen the first “Ouija” movie, but the sequel’s trailer sparked my interest. By many accounts, the 2014 film was nothing to write home about, but “Origin of Evil” definitely deserves a look.

As a sucker for any and all films set in the 1960s, the movie was already off to a great start.

Elizabeth Reaser plays Alice Zander, a woman supporting her two young daughters by working as a fake psychic and fortune teller. Her eldest daughter Paulina appears in the first film, then played by Lin Shaye. She and her younger sister Doris take part in the “readings” too, working the effects in the background.

Encouraged by Paulina, Alice incorporates a Ouija board into her repertoire in the hopes of bringing in more clients–and at first, it works. But when the youngest daughter gets ahold of it and plays on her own– things start to get strange.

There’s nothing worse than a creepy little girl. Doris is no exception. Played by Lulu Wilson, Wilson does an incredible job where many child actors would often fall flat.

Also notable is Father Tom, the priest and exorcist who aids the Zander family in their tussle with evil. Played excellently by Henry Thomas of “E.T.,” his backstory is fleshed out in a pleasantly complete and sympathetic way, adding another layer of dimension to the film.

Is it scary? Yes. A resounding yes. I saw it alone and wished for the next couple of days that I hadn’t. If you’re feeling brave, at least bring a friend along with you, and prepare never to look at stitches the same way again.