September 15, 2016

U of L’s new dining options leave local businesses in the dust

By Tristin Schifferdecker —

Louisville was named the tastiest town in the United States by the National Geographic magazine in 2016, but you would definitely never know it from the food choices at U of L’s campus. U of L has recently added a Starbucks in the already-crowded, under-construction SAC. This full-service Starbucks is set to replace the authentic Louisville owned and operated, Heine Brothers in the Tulip Tree Café.

Heine Brothers had shown a taste of what the great city of Louisville has to offer. With that being said, where is the support for our small business city?

Assistant to the Provost for Sustainability Initiatives, Justin Mog was very disappointed, “Both personally and on behalf of the U of L Sustainability Council” on the expansion of these national brands. He continued by saying, “Particularly when it comes at the expense of great local businesses like Heine Brothers and City Café, not to mention healthier non-chain options like the Seasons Salad Bar in the SAC.” Mog made continued to argue the point that “If U of L is serious about sustainability then we need to be serious about supporting our local economy, rather than inviting more national chains onto campus.”

Reducing the fast food outlets on campus would not only benefit the community by supporting local businesses but would also benefit the students’ health and the amount of solid waste generated through the chain brand packaging.

Aramark is the new dining service at the university, and will remain so for the next 15 years . Now the only dining option that is Louisville-owned and operated is Mark’s Feed Store.

U of L Junior, Eric Johnson, went on to give his opinion on the matter as well,  “It’s important that U of L supports the small businesses because they are a staple part of our community, and if they support them, it will help them succeed.” Johnson also explained that bringing a small business fair to the university once a month would help give the students who aren’t from the city a taste of the Louisville lifestyle.

Senior, Spencer Comstock who is originally from Northern Kentucky, was first introduced to Heine Brothers his freshman year at U of L. “I don’t even like Starbucks, so the fact that they are taking Heine Brothers away, I’m glad it is my last year at U of L.”

Unfortunately for students such as Comstock, it seems as if the dining options here at U of L are geared more towards general appeal than those who appreciate supporting the authenticity of local businesses.


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