Jacqueline Kelly–

With school well underway comes stress and one of the best ways to handle that stress is Netflix. Here are a few Netflix suggestions to watch for the month of September.


“Amanda Knox”– This documentary explores the case that first made headlines around the world in 2007. Knox was twice convicted and acquitted of the murder of her roommate while studying abroad in Italy.

“Audrie and Daisy”–Examining the effects of family, friends, community and social media, this documentary focuses on two American, teenage girls in the aftermath of sexual assault and harassment. “Audrie and Daisy” comes to Netflix Sept. 23.

Music and dance:

“Footloose”– In this 1984 fun film, a city teenager moves to a small town where music and dancing have been banned. While it lacks actual dancing, this movie is great for those who enjoy a classic tale of teenage rebellion and a bit of cheesy romance.


“The Get Down”– Set in 1970s New York City, “The Get Down” is a Netflix original series that captures the essence of early hip-hop by following talented youth of the South Bronx.

Cult favorites:

“Stranger Things”After premiering in July, “Stranger Things” quickly received a strong following. Months later and the buzz around the show hasn’t ceased. The Netflix original is set in 1980s Indiana, where a young boy goes missing.


“The Walking Dead”– Season six of the series will be on Netflix on Sept. 15 and season seven will premiere on A&E in October. Now is the best time to catch up on the zombie apocalypse-based show before everyone starts spoiling it for you later.

“Jaws”– These classic films will satisfy anyone’s action and suspense needs. All four “Jaws” movies are currently available on Netflix and will make any weekend movie night fun.


Indie films:

“Songs My Brother Taught Me”— This indie drama revolves around a high school senior who is forced to reevaluate plans of leaving the reservation after his father’s death leaves him responsible for his 13-year-old sister.

“Tallulah”– This film focuses on three different stories of motherhood, beginning with a homeless young woman who kidnaps a baby from a negligent socialite. The melodramatic premise is balanced out by its ability to avoid simplistic conclusions and clichés about motherhood.

Crime and drama shows:

“Narcos”– A drama series based on the life of the infamous Colombian drug lord, Pablo Escobar, this series is critically acclaimed and binge-worthy. The series follows Escobar and his fight against the Colombian government and U.S. DEA. Season two is now available on Netflix.


“666 Park Avenue”– This horror drama is the perfect show to watch casually. Its suspenseful plot is interesting, but with only one season, it won’t take up too much of your time. This series will leave Netflix on Sept. 30.