By Katelyn Hogan –

Every morning, I wake up at 7:00 a.m. and walk to work. I work at the SAC in the early mornings and it’s about a 15-minute walk from my house. I normally don’t mind walking to campus in the daylight, because it gives me an opportunity to listen to music and think about my day. Like I said, I live fairly close to campus, on the outskirts of Old Louisville.

A few weeks ago as I was watching the evening news, I learned about an eighth grader bringing two guns (one loaded) into his middle school – the school I walk past every single day on my way to campus.

My mother is a subscribes to the Louisville crime maps, so normally I get a weekly lecture about how I need to be more careful and aware of my surroundings. After receiving another Rave alert a few weekends ago, I finally understand why she preaches the importance of being safe.

There are nice parts of Louisville, and there are definitely nice people in Louisville, but there’s also a lot of crime and bad things that occur. I should feel safe attending my university, even if I’m just a few miles off of campus.

However, when my phone buzzes and I get a notification about an armed robbery a few blocks away from campus or my house, along with no additional information, I feel the farthest thing away from being safe.

Even though I do appreciate the university utilizing the Rave alert system, I think it is their responsibility to update us on these dangerous situations, and give us more details. While ULPD works on making campus great again, I think I’ll take a break from walking to school, and start running to school instead.