By Madison Thompson–

The Engage Lead Serve Board held their first event of the semester on Sept. 21.

The event was a life-size version of the classic “Game of Life” board game. There were styrofoam dice and makeshift cars created from cardboard boxes with plates on the sides for tires. Insomnia Cookies also provided free cookies for players.

This version of the “Game of Life” was turned into a senior citizen edition due to September being Optimal Aging Month.

Event organizer, Natalie Shields, said, “It’s supposed to imitate the classic game of life, except it’s supposed to be more relevant to people in the elderly community, say 65 plus.”

Each “life card” had different statistical facts about senior citizens. Facts included average age of death, how much money can be drawn from social security and different illnesses that senior citizens are highly susceptible to.

Shields, also the Engage Lead Serve Board director, added, “It’s just supposed to shine light on a lot of things that they face during their life and a lot of problems that are surrounding their community.”

More events from the Engage Lead Serve Board are to come. On Sept. 28, the board will put on an event for bees. “It’s an event about honey. With the Bee crisis going on around the world, especially in North Carolina. It’s focusing around local and organic honeys from here in Kentucky,” William Poole said.

If interested in joining with the Engage Lead Serve Board, there are many different committees that can be joined including green initiatives, veterans’ initiatives, global initiatives, training and leadership.

There are also youth development, animal welfare and elderly programs. Most of these committees meet in the SAC either weekly or bi-weekly if interested.

Photos by William Poole / The Louisville Cardinal