By Madison Thompson– 

Pearl beads and peacock feathers decorated the room. A refreshments bar added class with cocktail glasses and candies. The Red Barn looked like a ballroom straight out of the 1920s, all decked out for the Ballroom Dancing Club’s Great Gatsby dance.

All of the young women wore ornate headbands and fancy bracelets. Their dresses looked like they stepped out of the 1920s. Men wore ties, bow ties and vests that even Gatsby would be proud to have among his collection.

As promised, at around 7:30 p.m., Emma Goble, the president of the Ballroom Dancing Club, summoned everyone’s attention. Men were on one side of the room while women were on the other. Everyone received a dance lesson in swing and, from time to time, would rotate partners so that everyone got a chance to dance with someone new.

Once the lesson was over, the floor was open to a free dance session. Most of the music was set in the 20s flapper style. It was very interesting to listen to modern songs that had been taken back in time to fit the time period’s style. As popular as it is, it still took a moment to recognize Royals when it sounded like The Bugle Boy of Company B. The people with experience dancing were easy to spot. They were able to glide and swing themselves just about everywhere with grace, always staying in rhythm.

This event was one that I was glad to attend. The music was fantastic. There were people dressed up for fun. Everyone was friendly and more than willing to show you new dance moves and help you improve your technique. I, personally, have every intention of checking out the club. They meet every Tuesday at 7 in the recreation center. So, if you have the desire to learn some new moves with enthusiastic and fun loving people, come check it out.